Swallows & Amazons

Swallows & Amazons

By Philippa Lowthorpe

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2017-07-14
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Philippa Lowthorpe
  • Production Company: BBC Films
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 26 Ratings


SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS follows four children who dream of escaping from the tedium of a summer holiday. When finally given permission to camp on their own on a remote island in the middle of a vast lake, they are overjoyed. But when they arrive, they discover they may not be alone and a desperate yet whimsical battle for ownership of the island ensues, where both skill and luck play a hand. Simultaneously, the dangers of an adult world, on the brink of war, encroach on their paradise and intertwine with their lives, in the form of a mysterious pair of Russian spies hot on the tail of the enigmatic Jim Turner. The children must ban together from both groups, learn skills of survival, responsibility, and the all-important value of friendship to save a family member. Steeped in the wonder of a child’s imagination and set against a breath-taking backdrop, this is an exhilarating adaptation of a treasured classic.




  • Best movie ever

    By noscw
    This is the best movie ever made
  • Disappointment

    By RansomeFan
    For people who have read all the Arthur Ransome S&A adventures, this film will be a disappointment. Among the charming features of the books is the competence, inventiveness and imagination of the Walker & Blackett children and their ability to work together without rancor, together with the interesting relations they have with the adults. This film captures none of that. From the beginning, the children are carping at each other, calling each other's ideas stupid, accusing each other of being incompetent, duffers, etc. They make unforced errors that the Walker children - children of a naval officer - would never have made, like not seeing a jibe coming (John), like standing up when it does and getting struck by the boom (Susan), like falling overboard (Roger). Susan is made to be an incompetent cook, for heavens sake. The adults say things that the adults in S&A would never have said, to each other or to the children. Uncle Jim (Turner) is unrecognizable. Even Captain Nancy, possibly the most interesting character in the series, has an unpleasant aggressive streak. Perhaps the script writers felt they had to make these changes on grounds of "realism". Perhaps they felt they had to throw the equivalent of a car chase in at the end because the action in S&A just wasn't exciting enough. To me that simply shows that they hadn't understood the charm & attraction of the books in the first place. If you haven't read S&A and have only seen this film, do go back to the books. They are ever so much better.
  • A New Family Classic

    By Aww-D-oh-Mama
    My family thoroughly enjoyed this movie! A previous reviewer mentioned the negative dialogue “you’re stupid” and “I hope you drown” which I agree is harsh (my daughter thought so too), but this is a period piece and the moral lessons learned in this story far outweigh the negative remarks.
  • Something missing to grab your attention

    By GaryKlimeck
    The previews seemed to make the movie something sure to watch. I didn’t like it one bit and I surely didn’t like the way the brothers and sisters cared for each other or spoke to one another. Lines such as “you’re stupid” and “I hope you drown” do not make this a kids movie in the least. Rotten tomatoes gets this wrong, this is a green splat!
  • Classic Family Film

    By uniquenewyor
    This a based on a classic family novel and lives up to the book. Will be watched for many years
  • Loved this film

    By ryanboring1
    I thought I'd be bored but ended up loving this film. From beautiful shots in the countryside to sailing on the water, this movie is an adventure. Plus if you can mix spies and pirates into a film, it makes me happy.