Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

By Olivier Assayas

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-10-14
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 45min
  • Director: Olivier Assayas
  • Production Company: ARTE France Cinéma
  • Production Country: Germany, France
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
From 274 Ratings


Olivier Assayas, the internationally-acclaimed director of Clouds of Sils Maria and Summer Hours, returns with this ethereal and mysterious ghost story starring Kristen Stewart as a high-fashion personal shopper to the stars who is also a spiritual medium. Grieving the recent death of her twin brother, she haunts his Paris home, determined to make contact with him.




  • Meh

    By Dasmouse
    It feels longer then it really is probably because it a little boring
  • Completely absurd

    By I'm sayin'
    I went in open minded and willing.... this movie was absolutely a waste of time. It seems to not know what it wants to be or what it's about. Stewart's performance was pretty bad.... but it could have been the lazy and disjointed script? I don't know. Overall, I just..... can't.
  • Best of 2017

    By KSully54
    I am a big fan of Director/Writer Olivier Assayas, who also did the underrated gem Clouds of Sils Maria in 2015, starring Kristen Stewart too. She became the first American to win a César Award (French Oscars) for Supporting Actress for that film. Together they both create beautiful work, while complimenting one another's aesthetic. She’s his muse and deservingly so. Stewart pulls off another strong performance, only cementing her star power as one of the more reliable actors today. Personal Shopper is certainly an ambitious mystery/ghost story, but incredibly unique and fresh. The film isn't for viewers expecting a shock n’ awe horror film; like The Conjuring or Insidious. Olivier creates a psycholical film that leaves you restlessly guessing, while continuing to spook you along the way. There's a whimsical pace that builds up the suspense and thrills in a subtle but terrifying way (that ending though!) Certainly one of my top 5 films of 2017. The team of Olivier and Kristen should continue this cinematic friendship and hopefully people will give this beautiful and original film a shot.
  • Wow awful

    By PapaBeee
    I have to agree with others who found this a completely empty movie. Acting and story were both flat and emotionless. It was well enough filmed and budget seemed good enough for a more quality event. Disappointed at any rate.
  • Good background noise

    By Eschenbach2017
    Don't be fooled by the "moving of the week" listing on iTunes; that's because it currently costs only 99 cents to rent. And I typically ignore the "Rotten Tomatoes" score. After a few minutesof watching this move, it was quickly relegated to background almost-entertainment on my iPad while I did something else on my computer. I hope the actors walking around like they were made of wood/stone was deliberate.
  • so boring

    By yasweety
    I had to stop watching halfway, it was just so so so BORING! This movie is basically watching someone text on their cell phone!!
  • Nope

    By kendall44505
    Poor acting! Irritatingly so.
  • Boring

    By Phreestilr
    The script is badly written, the acting is poor, and much of the film is spent watching iMessages being sent back and forth on an iPhone screen. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, and then the movie ended.
  • Get her a cracker b4 she dies

    By Pipedragon
    Ugh, horrible story, filming and acting. Seriously Kristen Stewart is about to die like Sharon Carpenter. Anyone that does not help her is guilty of murder. This movie is painful to watch because you can feel how screwed up Kristen Stewart is! Another Hollywood tragedy ready to happen!
  • personal shopper

    By jackieleeh
    BORING! whoever thought that this movie was scary has serious problems; it wasn't even interesting let alone scary; yuch! waste of $.99!