Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Goon: Last of the Enforcers

By Jay Baruchel

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-09-01
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 41min
  • Director: Jay Baruchel
  • Production Company: Caramel Film
  • Production Country: Canada
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
From 42 Ratings


After one too many injuries, hockey enforcer Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is forced to give up his aspirations of going to the big show and settle into a buttoned down career as an insurance salesman at the urging of his pregnant wife Eva (Alison Pill). However, Doug can't resist the siren call of the Highlanders, so he sets course to reclaim his former glory.




  • Penalty box

    By Mherichs
    I was totally pumped for a sequel Goon. I loved the main characters' storylines and the unique look and feel of this sports-comedy. From the second the title screen hit with the operatic tones, I was hooked. However, the sequel lacks the charm of the original indie hit. Comedy beats are crude just to be crude, the characters are extremely weak - "bad-guys" just to be "bad-guys"' and the slick style of the first film is gone only to be replaced by WWE inspired gore/action. If you need a Goon fix, skip the sequel and re-watch the first.
  • Where the funny?

    By Tombstone-X
    This movie misses it's target audience in the worse way. People who watches hockey to those don't will not ever watch it! This movie is basically saying those who play and watches hockey have brain damage in intirely none joking way. Not mentioningly it like watching the actors read a script off a teleprompter sometimes. This movie makes Mighty Ducks look like Star Wars!
  • Friggin Awesome, Eh?

    By koozizle
    I really love hockey. Therefore, I love hockey movies. A couple of my all time favorite hockey movies are Mystery Alaska and Miracle. And then there is Goon. When I first saw the first movie, I immediately fell in love. It was so well done and absolutely hysterical. When I found out they made a sequel, I immediately pre-ordered this movie. And I was not disappointed. Goon 2 was pretty much just as good as the first movie, and I actually think this one was funnier than the first. Well worth the purchase!

    By ProDepression
    Yeah, this IS awesome. A hockey film should rarely be anywhere near serious and this one proves to be as fun and funny as the first. There is always something special about the first, but this sequal is well done. Im happy I made the purchase. Gonna miss Glatt!
  • Beauties

    By Danglingintheforest
    For da boys
  • Sad to say it is absolutely awful!

    By Stoneking2099
    I wanted so bad for this movie to be as epic as the original and instead it fell completely flat! So disappointing! One of the most annoying parts of this movie was changing the actor for Stevenson. Ricky Mabe was brilliant and hilarious but this replacement actor Trent Pardy wasn't even slightly funny. I've waited patiently for this sequel and I feel Jay just didn't understand what the fans loved so much about the first film. Every single joke was embarrassingly dull and worn out. Doug Glatt was made out to be even stupider than the first, for no reason. I couldn't stand any of the characters even though I loved them all in the original. Disappointing doesn't even fully cover this film. If you love the original Goon but haven't watched the sequel yet, I implore you, don't waste your time.
  • Great movie!

    By Jakew58
    If you like hockey at all you will love this!
  • Stupid AF

    By RaduRanga
    Stupid AF
  • If the first is a 10 this is a 9.5

    By Sikboy303
    If you liked the first you owe t to yourself.. don't listen to the naysayers... don't expect oscar gold it's just a rad movie!
  • Awesome

    By Doing Vegas
    Great sequel. Got some good one liners just like the first.