After Hours

After Hours

By Martin Scorsese

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1985-09-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Production Company: Double Play
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Heading a star-studded cast, Griffin Dunne ("My Girl," "Who's That Girl?") is just a regular guy in that friendly, regular town -- New York City -- who winds up in an hysterical series of misadventures one long, crazy night on the quintessential date-from-hell. Directed by Academy Award-winner Martin Scorsese ("GoodFellas," "The Age of Innocence"), this critically acclaimed black comedy features Rosanna Arquette ("Pulp Fiction," "Desperately Seeking Susan"), Academy Award-nominee Teri Garr ("Tootsie," "Young Frankenstein"), Bronson Pinchot (TV's "Perfect Strangers," "True Romance"), Linda Fiorentino ("The Last Seduction," "Vision Quest"), John Heard ("Home Alone" 1 & 2) and Cheech and Chong. Siskel & Ebert call this "a great movie!"




  • One of the best movies ever made

    By Cheaphotelsnow-twtr
    When I was a kid I saw this and it was so real to me but I didn't realize how real it was until I grew up and became a grown man. This is truly a perfect film. Worth every penny.

    By Fredo Viola
    Excellent, imaginative, lyrical and wildly cinematic black comedy from Martin Scorsese. It's sort of the "light" side of Taxi Driver. These two films, After Hours and Taxi Drivers are my favorite Scorsese films, followed closely by Goodfellas, Casino and The King of Comedy.
  • Best Scorsese movie ever?

    By Hornonomous
    This movie is tied with The King of COmedy for the best Scorsese movie ever. He is best while being darkly funny. It frees him from his need to prove his masculinity in the darkness of gangster maudlinism. I wish he would just start making more and more comedies like this one. It's hilarious, twisted, wonderful and insane. Just how I like it.
  • After Hours

    By djkayal89
    I happened to run across this flick late one night on HBO in the 90's, and it's stuck with me as one of those timeless, cool, trendy 80's films beautifully crafted by the legend himself Martin Scorsese!
  • The trailer was funnier than the movie itself.

    By Nick MIchalak
    I sought out this film because the trailer was so funny, but the execution of the film itself was lacking. It was more bizarre and peculiar than actually funny. Griffin Dunne does quite well here, and the cast is nicely put together. Though, I don't care for the film because it's more "what the hell just happened" weirdness than "holy crap, that's hilarious." It hardly amused me at all. The cinematography doesn't impress me, especially considering we're talking about a Martin Scorcese picture. It's very point-and-shoot with very little interest given to humorous compositions or juxtapositions. Another director, more akin to comedy filmmaking, could've given this film more real humor than quirky strangeness. Certainly far from Scorcese's best, in my honest opinion.
  • Funny, smart, adult humor

    By Wolfman78
    At first glance, this doesn't really seem like a Scorcese movie. He's not exactly known for comedies, so when I saw the trailer for this I figured "What the hell?" Iit's not a slap-your-knee, laugh-a-minute wacky comedy, but is refreshingly different. The plot is so simple it's almost non-existant: A regular guy goes out late at night in the city, loses all his money and proceeds to have some crazy adventures trying to get back home. Griffin Dunne plays the "everyman" to a T and does a great job along with all the other actors. The tone is a little strange, like I said, not REALLY funny, but amusing. It's almost a drama. The comedy here is very subtle (for the most part) and of adult subject matter. The whole thing takes place in one night, and is basically... I don't want to say a "slice of life," but is just following around this guy as he encounters some weird characters, gets himself into crazy situations and tries to get out of it. There are of course a few laugh-out-loud moments and distinctly Scorcese-moments. Very Scocesian camera work, a very good score... It has almost a creepy feeling to it as well. The streets are dark and quiet, empty. It's raining. A mob of people are looking for him... All in all, it comes together as a movie that will never be hailed as a "great comedy" OR one of Scorcese's best. BUT it is very entertaining, and the kind of movie that grows on you with each viewing. Slowly becoming a new favorite of mine...
  • Love Scorsese but this is just weird

    By SplinterGT500
    confusing, complicated, things don't add up, etc, etc. Not his best work by far, very very very veeeeeeerrryy far!
  • After Hours

    By tuberose95
    Love this move always have. If it is a rip off of another unknown show, well then so be it. I haven't read of any law suits. The acting ALONE is priceless. Bottle Rocket is another favorite of mine.
  • Thank you Itunes

    By Projuggler
    This movie never made it to DVD, but it is a cult classic that the main star Griffin Dunne was never able to recreate. I'm embarrassed to say I've seen it dozens of times, it is that good! It's a star studded cast with an independent film feel. If there is anyone at Itunes reading this review- thank you!
  • After Hours

    By 400 barz
    Decent film, one that if anything goes beyond Scorsese's genre of Psychological dramas, organized crime/comedy flicks (which I've seen the majority of them and If I don't own them I eventually will), some consider the 80's a "fall off" stage for Marty however let's not forget the Acadamy Award Winning Raging Bull and the supposively excellent "Temptation of Christ" movies (I still haven't seen the film however I will). This is a well written film involving one man's bizzare obstacles over a one day period. This movie stars alot of excellent actors (the majority of them at the time were unheard of) some people consider this a comedy, I personally think so I loved this film for the creativity and craftsman ship that Scorsese was going after. Excellent film.