Legend of the Millennium Dragon

Legend of the Millennium Dragon

By Hirotsugu Kawasaki

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2011-04-29
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Hirotsugu Kawasaki
  • Production Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Production Country: Japan
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
From 23 Ratings


A spectacular journey of an unwilling young hero thrust into a mysterious past full of monsters, dragons, and strange hidden powers. Through a series of out of this world battles and adventures, Jun, a shy middle school boy, is transformed into a hero destined to battle evil and ensure harmony and tranquility in the world.




  • Big Effort, Weak Outcome

    By Frank C 66554321.
    The plot and the character development are cloudy at best. It tries too hard to be an epic when it could have been a better smaller story of a modern boy who travels back in time because he holds the power to end a battle between two tribes. The animation and subtitles are done well.
  • Nostalgia

    By Fireglade
    I love this movie, it was one of my first exposures to anime, along with Howl's Moving Castle, and Digimon Tamers. While I admit it has its flaws, very quick back story rundown, odd conflict that is resolved quicker then it should be for this movie but way longer then makes sense, and the whole flashback thing but I still love this movie, and I believe anyone who were to watch it would find it enjoyable.

    By Killua1412
    At first I thought it was not fun but when I watched it it was epic
  • Need to see more movies like this!

    By GOJIRA808
    I enjoyed this movie, very similar Princess Mononoke. Also mixed or from a 1994 movie called Yamato Takeru. They took those to movies and made this movie. They took names(changing them slightly) and basic ideas from Yamato Takeru(live action movie) and used Princess Mononoke animators. Great idea...sure brought back memories. Now I will search for the two mentioned movies. Especially Yamato Takeru which I will probably find it in Japan.
  • Could have been better

    By amncarter777
    I'd give this film 2 stars but the animation was very good. However animation isn't the only thing that makes a film. Character development was okay at best, and story-line predictability was affected by the protagonists flip flop between incredulity and casual acceptance of his circumstance. This could have easily been a 4 star film with just a tiny bit of extra work... And for 5 stars? Unfortunately I'm comparing this film with all other films including 5 star pictures such as the godfathers and shawshank, etc. etc.
  • Good movie

    By Dominicano87
    Very good movie loved it
  • Nice

    By Max P. Sterling
    At first i thought this was a Korean film. since it was so story based. But it comes from japan. i was surprised by this one. it reminded me alot of Princess Mononoke . Althought Princess Mononoke was way better this oen was alot of fun also. The animation was on par with Princess Mononoke. the story line was a little slow here and there but it kept me from going back to playing my on line game. Give this one a chance. it might surprise you