Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense

By David Mackenzie

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2012-02-10
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 28min
  • Director: David Mackenzie
  • Production Company: Zentropa Entertainments
  • Production Country: Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 326 Ratings


Susan is a scientist searching for answers to important questions. So important that she has given up on other things, like love - until she meets Micheal. Susan and Michael find themselves embarking on a sensual adventure while the world around them seems to be falling apart. A life-affirming look at what it means to love and be loved in turbulent times.




  • Just the type of romance movie I was looking for!!!

    By Swa'veC
    All I can say is WOW! When mankind is threatened by a world-wide disease, two people bound by love persevere through it all! Although the ending was pretty sad it just goes to show how in the mist of tragedy two lovers show us what love REALLY means! Shout out to my favorite actress of ALL time Eva Green! You get better and better EVERY time!!!!!
  • Great Actors - So So Movie But Watchable

    By Hollandd3
    McGregor and Green give a very believable performance of two people falling love. As you watched, one could really feel the love between them palpable. But…..I was just so-so about the movie. At least it's something different. It's not really about an undiagnosed epidemic but about how love endures even though you begin to lose your senses - all five of them!! Why in world do people keep saying they stop watching a movie in the middle? Just forward through the slow parts; at least then you can write an honest review.
  • Muy buena. Al final sobre cualquier sentido. Lo que importa es estar con la persona que deseas.

    By Jlcmsports
    Aún cuando no la puedas ver...
  • watch until the very end to appreciate

    By Ironandwineforever
    Decent movie, it was more about the beautiful message of love, most of the idiots who gave it a low rating admit themselves they didn't watch it thru, Are you kidding? How dare you rate a movie without even watching the whole thing, don't trust those moronic reviewers. Highly recommend watching this. All the way thru !!! The end is what makes this movie what it is.
  • Incredible

    By Nocturnal_Midget
    This movie leaves you reflecting on all the mundane things in your life that seem so terrible. A great movie and well worth watching.
  • Good

    By ChellyAnee
    Simple things like smelling or tasting, give to our live a big sense, bring up to us memories and unforgettable experience. Imagine if you are not able to do a simple thing like watching and listening, losing any perception sense. Won't stop the world in the regular live that humans life day by day. Learn to appreciate how perfect and healthy you are today, because you don't know what may happen tomorrow.
  • Strange and depressing

    By DeTijuana
    I regret renting this movie...
  • Beautiful!

    By Carol404
    It was a beautiful and stunning film to watch…really well done story about what it means to live and love.
  • If you want to feel depressed

    By LauraLo61
    This is a depressing sad movie. I kept thinking that events would turn around and the movie would end on a good note but not so. If you want to crawl into a hole, forget about life and the world this movie will get you started.
  • Does life really mimic art

    By cayrick
    If life mirrors art as shown in this movie we are in big doodoo. It seems to be another of those zombie films that seems to proliferate the cinema circuit these days. This is a bizarre film without a real ending. Very artsy and in my opinion not worth the watch or dinero.