Kevin Can Wait, Season 2

Kevin Can Wait, Season 2

Kevin Can Wait

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-09-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 5
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
From 36 Ratings


KEVIN CAN WAIT stars Kevin James as a retired police officer who is setting out on a fresh career path as he rises to the challenge of being a newly single dad. His kids, Sara, Jack and Kendra, are grateful to him for making sure they’re OK, but decide it’s time for him to get out of the house and they turn to Vanessa, his former police partner, for help. Vanessa has left the force to launch her own private security firm, and she makes Kevin an offer he can’t refuse - to be her new business partner. Although the job isn’t always glamorous and they rarely see eye-to-eye, Kevin and Vanessa share an undeniable bond from their years working together. Also, Kendra and her fiancé Chale face issues of their own, including becoming newlyweds and figuring out how they will support themselves. Once again, life has thrown Kevin some curveballs, so his dreams of an early retirement will just have to wait a little longer, and his family will always come first.


Title Time Price
1 Civil Ceremony 21:18 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Business Unusual 21:22 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Kevin Goes Nuts 20:39 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Plus One Is the Loneliest Number 20:52 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes



  • 5stars

    By Ninjanickpants
    this show is so funny 5stars
  • There’s only 1 reason to abruptly kill off a sitcom character...

    By KrispE00
    There’s only one reason to abruptly kill off a sitcom character, and that’s when the actor dies in real life (see 8 Simple Rules)...This is just weird. It makes the show hard to watch. They could’ve gotten divorced to try out Leah and see if she worked well in the script. They could’ve just gotten a new mom (a la new Aunt Viv). But killing her off is horrible. It doesn’t fit in the script. If you want to reboot The King of Queens, do that. (Every other old show is coming back.) But trying to replace the new with the old is not a good look. -5 Stars for killing off Erinn’s character. +2 Stars for Chale...he’s a comedy gem.
  • This makes me so happy!!

    By MichaelSometimes
    I truly love this show. I love Kevin and I'm so glad Leah is back. Yeah, it's a bummer Erin isn't there. But you know, that's life. Tragedy strikes in tv land just like real life. And it's not like she's the centrepiece of the show. That's Kevin. And Chale. Chale has some of the best lines. To the naysayers, bc Erin isn't here, you're going to hate on Kevin? How do you know he kicked her off? You know what happens behind Hollywood doors? I'm pretty sure the big suits at CBS were responsible for that. I bet Kevin was bummed that Erin was let go. So, take a deep breath, and give the 2nd series a chance. This better get good ratings, bc I'm praying for many many seasons of this show. Amen! Ps, they gloss over her death bc it happened a year ago to them. Why are people crying about this? Patton Oswalt married again a year after his wife died and the crowds cheered him on. Imagine that. Would you be glad if Kevin said, "Tah da! I've got a new wife. I've moved on!" I hope not. So, at least Kevin is still sad about it, and deals with it like most men deal with serious issues, they try to joke it off. It makes this comedy a bit more real.
  • Is every other reviewer on here related to Erinn Hayes?

    By Everyman5686
    This show is your basic Kevin James family comedy. It's exactly what you expect it to be. Erinn Hayes was fine in Season 1, but there's no question that Remini and James have much better chemistry. I'm not sure it's even that subjective when you watch the Remini gust star episodes from Season 1. I'm frankly pretty surprised that so many people are this upset by the change. Hayes exit was for the best.
  • BOO! Tasteless move makes show unwatchable.

    By nuenjins
    SPOILER: So between seasons they just 'kill off' the mother , Erin, and then haphazardly sorta gloss over it like a dead goldfish. No replacement or deserved explanation. Just dead. It's equal parts perplexing, disturbing and upsetting. Kevin James staple buffoonery just isn't going to save this blatant botching. He killed his movie career with bland lameness and seems hell bent on doing the same here. Now with the botoxed King Of Queens wife just 'magically resurfacing' as an all too convenient surrogate mother, it seems more like this was a backdoor buddy favor and leaves a bad taste all around. Literally, the worst season premier I have EVER seen from a show I was hoping to like. Bad taste guys and BOOOO! You lost a fan of the show and possibly of Kevin James for good.
  • Unwatchable

    By brslc
    Erin Hays and Kevin had some chemistry that covered for bad jokes. Now there are only bad jokes. Stupid show
  • Not the same without Erin

    By K@ndk
    The show has deteriorated badly after the departure of Erin Hayes. Won't be buying season 2
  • King Of Queens: Older

    By Charley9338
    ........should be the name of this show. Absolutely terrible. Kevin James is already unlikeable and among crew members is infamous for being a jerk, but this show and how he treated Erin Hayes just proves he's completely self-centered and untalented.
  • Not waiting for Kevin

    By LBIP
    I used to look forward to this show, I dont know what the reason for eliminating Erinn Hayes was. Not that I dont care for Leah Remini she could have continued to make guest appearances not replace Errin who I very much liked and was the reason I watched the show. For me, I have removed the show from Tivo. Plenty of other shows to watch, looking forward to where Erin Hayes ends up, I will watch. I am done with anything Kevin James is attched to.