Gravity Falls, Vol. 1

Gravity Falls, Vol. 1

Gravity Falls

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2012-06-15
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Price: GBP 8.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 9.99
From 133 Ratings


Gravity Falls is just west of weird, slightly east of eerie and always north of normal! City kids Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to spend the summer with their eccentric Great Uncle Stan who runs a tourist trap in a remote northwestern town where nothing is what it seems. With creatures in the forest, monsters in the lake, and a portal potty in the woods, Dipper and Mabel quickly learn that they will have to rely on one another if they are going to survive the summer!


Title Time Price
1 Tourist Trapped 21:11 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
2 The Legend of Gobblewonker 21:42 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
3 Headhunters 22:03 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
4 The Hand That Rocks the Mabel 22:27 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
5 The Inconveniencing 20:35 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
6 Dipper vs. Manliness 22:42 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
7 Double Dipper 22:42 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
8 Irrational Treasure 21:42 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
9 Time Traveler's Pig 22:41 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
10 Fight Fighters 22:42 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes



  • Release the whole series, please!

    By addicted-artist
    Honestly, this is the best animated show in the current generation of cartoons, and it deserves a full release, not just 9 or 10 episodes. The humour works on multiple levels, and contains fun, exciting adventures for the kids, and a wider over-arcing storyline winding through the season to keep more mature audiences interested and excited to watch more. The characters are likable and complex, their relationships get explored throughout the series via the adventures, and the nature of the journal and the mysterious goings-on of the town of Gravity Falls make for enticing viewing. I'll be honest, next to this, shows like Adventure Time seem over-rated.
  • Great but...

    By Captain @
    It's a great series but one episode is missing and you can't buy the entire season yet so I would give a better review if I could actually buy it
  • Great

    By simon caul
    This is one of the best animated shows in a long time.
  • episodes?

    By waddles #1
    where are the other episodes please should of been irrational treasure on fri the 26 so please tell me where it is
  • Great stuff so far, but...

    By Stornowegian
    Where's Episode 8? ö-ö
  • it's about time

    By whycan'tIpostanonymously
    Not gonna whine too hard, but the US itunes is five or so episodes ahead and the first episode is free there, so first, apple, fix it... now! So that's why the four stars. Minor rant aside, this series is really good- the gags are funny, the animation is top-notch and the characters are really interesting but the standout thing about this show is the way it appeals to young and old and has a darkside I have yet to see in another cartoon. Trust me, you'll see the darkside later, episode four in particular. In summary, then; well animated, engaging, funny and occasionally sinister going on dark, just itunes needs to get their act together about the prices and stuff.